Physiologist and Hobbyist: Ms. Hubbard


Caleb Pearce-Huffman, Reporter

Ms. Hubbard has been my teacher for just over a semester now. Not to diss other teachers, but she’s probably managed the online classes the best. She’s been using a large variety of resources to teach her Anatomy students such as Crash Course youtube videos, Quizlet flash cards and tests, Kahoot, and most recently, Nearpod, to ensure student success through the perfect amount of studying. Ms. Hubbard is one of my favorite teachers because of her positivity and dedication. I am delighted to explain that I find her class enjoyable and even fun. She makes detailed YouTube videos before tests for her students to take notes on. Her classwork assignments are often in breakout rooms to ensure we get our share of socializing for the day, and each student works on different sections of the assignment, so it’s nice and quick.

Taken on her film camera

To describe Anne Hubbard as a person, I’d say she’s quite the hobbyist. She enjoys yoga in her free time, and you could say she uses her green thumb to strum because she loves playing guitar and gardening. Ms. Hubbard also takes pictures and paints – you might notice her hobbies portray her as very artistic.  She grew up working on cars, like Corvettes and Blazers, with her dad, which is awesome because a lot of guys my age don’t even hold that vehicular knowledge. Her childhood hobby led to her dream car being a refurbished 1972 Chevy Blazer with a lift kit for offroading. Her dream monster truck sounds pretty radical. After high school, she traveled to Turkey, and an island called Kios, which is part of the beautiful country Greece. Ms. Hubbard earned her degree in physiology, went into clinical therapy, and decided that her education wasn’t being utilized. Her decision to teach was a “last second thing.” She started halfway through her first quarter which was, of course, chaotic. Finally, I get to talk about her animals. She’s parenting four dogs, which I imagine keeps her entertained because my two are a handful.