I Am You 360


Gianni Martinez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

The hygiene overflow for men
The hygiene overflow for women

Ever been a part of something more than just yourself? Ever had the chance to reach out to those less fortunate than you? Ever had a 360 turn around in your life, completely changing your old habits and making new ones? Neither have I. But it’s never too late – trust me, there are tons of ways to reach out and become a part of something bigger and better than yourself. I Am You 360 is a non-profit organization run by the first African American woman with 7 children and a dream that she made into a reality. Desiree Cook is the woman behind the mask, allowing young children from different backgrounds to have the experiences that they never had. Specifically children of color, men and women, boys and girls of all races and ages coming together, again less fortunate than you and I, yet still getting the hygiene materials and opportunities needed to succeed in this world while looking and feeling fresh.

The van provided by Tucson Police Department

On January 18, 2021 we celebrated the re-birth of the very man who allowed the black community to speak up about the problems we still struggle with today. If you don’t know, now you know that this day was MLK Day, short for Martin Luther King Jr., the man who led the path for all African Americans, the man with a dream, a dream of equality and equal rights for all, he believed in the idea that if we fight together we can survive or we can lose as one and die as fools. I’d rather fight for what’s right than die a fool, what about you? What are you willing to do to survive? Can you fight for better schooling? Can you fight for foster children to get the hygiene they need?

The 2019 Torch Awards given to Desiree Cook and I Am You 360

Desiree Cook can, and she did. She fought with the Tucson Police Department and got herself her very own van to carry and deliver all the hygiene materials, such as shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap, and plenty more. She’s rallied in the streets, has had meetings with African American Student Services, and worked with Palo Verde High School students to ensure a future for these kids. She’s held hygiene drives collecting hundreds of thousands of products and hair products including edge control and hair gel.

A safe place for open communication and community

Throughout her journey she’s won many awards and accomplished things women of color have never done before. She’s been on national television and reported with some of the best local news stations in town!

Desiree Cook the CEO and founder of I Am You 360

I Am You 360 is only growing from here, but still needs people like you and I to come out and support and to come together with the community in hopes of providing futures for young males and females. Desiree is here to help those young kings and queens get the love and support they need to survive in this world, but sometimes she can’t do it all alone, and that’s where you come in! Just by stopping by her office or leaving a message at the tone, we can support Desiree and her journey to continue saving lives. Visit her website now to start the journey with us!