I Believe in Saving the Earth

I Believe in Saving the Earth

Rheanna Fernandez, contributor

When I was a little girl, I remember staring out the window on an overcast daylooking to see for little dots coloring the pavement as rain sprinkled down. It was an exciting feeling knowing the monsoons were just around the corner. It still is an exciting feeling. Enduring the Arizona heat all summer long and being rewarded with rain; what more can a Tucsonan ask for? One of my favorite smells is when the moisture in the air kisses our plants releasing the sweet smell of our desert. Letting the rain drench my skin is one of my favorite feelings. But sadly, that feeling was hardly fulfilled in 2020. We hoped for water to wake our desert with life and to fill our washes, but only got some slight sprinkles. This makes me believe that our Earth is changing. 

Last year was filled with disaster after disaster, even natural disasters like fires burning down the forests.  I remember when our own mountains were burning just where I took a hike a couple months before. At night I was fascinated by a sight I have never seen before. The scattered flames lighting up the mountain so silently and elegantly, like a bunch of stars landed on the Earth. I thought to myself how such destruction can look so pretty from far away. This must be one of the driest years yet. But I believe people can begin to realize that the Earth is changing and not in a good way. I believe that our humanity has the power to fix this problem. 

During the pandemic as people were told to stay home, noticed how quickly the air became cleaner and animals started to roam around more places. This made me believe that there is hope to create a cleaner Earth, just by having people do something so simple, like staying home. People should be aware the environment can heal, just by the nation and world coming together and putting more effort into this cause. 

The future generations influence my belief today. As I was hiking, I had a sad thought that I better enjoy this now, because it may not be the same in the far futureI want my children and my children’s children to see our Earth thriving because of humans doing what is best for it. Nature gives me all my resources; without nature I would have nothing. Nobody would have anything. I believe there are more ways to save the Earth.  

Many people probably think this is an impossible thing to reach for, or that it is too late. I truly believe it could be done. For bright minds to come together to recreate a new way of living to support our wildlife and nature. We have done much to help, but more help seems necessary for our Earth to heal. I believe that our environment will be in better shape in the future if more humans could come together and make something happen.