Crazy Weather Changes In AZ


Mario Reynaga, Reporter

Arizona is a dry and hot state that barely gets snow or any water for that matter. However, lately there has been crazy weather, first it cooled and temperature dropped to 40 – 35 degrees during the night. So that meant it was time to pull out the heavy blankets and turn on the heater. But as January began, temperatures expecting to drop actually rose, going back up to 75 – 80 degrees, then the next day it would drop back down to its cold temperature. Out of nowhere in mid- January (the 20th and 27th) it had been cloudy/raining. Surprisingly for Tucson on the 27th we got rain and snow. It snowed up to an inch of snow all over Tucson Arizona! 

It is rare for it to snow in Arizona. We usually get snow every 2 to 3 years. Mount Lemmon is planning to make a hotel up there  . 

When it began to snow, everyone started freaking out and a lot of people wanted to go to the mountains, but sadly it was closed. The only way you were allowed to go up there is to have chains on your tires. 

It was amazing that it snowed –  the mountains look gorgeous with the sunlight and the snow –  it’s just a good time to go up there and enjoy the snow before it’s gone. They opened Friday (January 29th) which is today.