Arctic Monkeys- So Underrated


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

In today’s day and age, the majority of this generation listens to rap, and not the good stuff. The rhyming of money and narcotics is not always something that wants to be heard. A way better alternative is the English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys. Listening to them is pleasing to the ear, unlike all of today’s current hip hop.

Alex Turner is the lead singer of the band and his voice never dissapoints. It has a calm, yet powerful tone to it that you can’t help but just fall in love with.

Arctic Monkeys: Smoke and Mirrors interview with Under The Radar Magazine
Sebastian Kim

The band has came out with many astonishing albums over the years such as Favourite Worst Nightmare and Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, but their best album is AM. The album was released on September 9th, 2013 and includes some of their most popular songs.
The top 3 songs on the album is Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?, Do I Wanna Know?, and I Wanna Be Yours. Most people are pretty familiar with these songs from being used in videos on TikTok.

Arctic Monkeys have a bunch of songs that are underrated as well. The Song D Is For Dangerous from the Favourite Worst Nightmare album is a faster paced song with an amazing chorus that no one talks about. In this song you can specifically hear the drums and guitar more than other songs. D is for dangerous? No, D is for distinctively underrated. Another highly underrated song is Riot Van from the Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not album.┬áThis is a soft, calm, and beautiful song with a tune that makes you feel as if you are at the beach on a summer night. Alex Turner’s voice is set to perfection in this song and more people should listen to it!

This band is pure perfection. They are considered a rock band, but have a wide variety of songs that sound so similar yet so different at the same time. Arctic Monkeys forever has a special place in my playlist, you should add them to yours!