Keeping Up With Class Of 2020


Nathalia Valdez, Editor-in-Chief

As we all know, Class of 2020 had their senior year cut short.  That last quarter is supposed to be all about Prom, the excitement of graduation, and the camaraderie that happens after 4 years of high school together and knowing it will all soon be over. Though they’re all doing diffrent things, they can all agree on one thing, high school helped them become who they are, and created some of the best memories they’ve ever had.

Austin Valenzuela is currently attending The U of A for a bachelors in Animal Science. “I was definitely ripped off, I feel like the class of 2020 never had an ending,” he laughs. “I honestly don’t think college is that hard, but at the same time we’re not living our lives normally, usually we’d have in person classes but now everything is online.”  “Socializing, and being able to play sports is probably what I miss the most about high school,” he says.

Daniel Angulo agrees with Austin when it comes to feeling incomplete. “It really sucked because we worked hard all those years, because the last year was suppose to be the best,” he says. However, at this point Daniel, along with most of the other seniors, don’t really care anymore. “It is what it is,” he says.” A lot of people are stuggling, they’re in situations much harder than ours, so I shouldn’t be upset with what happened,” he continues.

On the other hand, a small amount of seniors are actually happy their senior year was shortened. Calvin Mueller, current ASU student, is actually glad it was cut short. “I don’t really care, it was just high school,” he says. Calvin does not believe life after high school is necessarily difficult. “I knew what to expect from college,” he jokes.

Skyler DeVaughn, Freshman at  U of A,  is genuinely not upset at all. “I’m not upset my year got cut short because I still had a great time even though I didn’t get a “normal” senior year,” he says. “Plus College is way easier than I expected,” he adds. However, Skyler does admit he misses Cross Country.