Sahuaro’s Instagram Pages

Caleb Pearce-Huffman, Reporter

I don’t know how often you lurk through Instagram pages, or why… but I know when I do, I’m avoiding homework or really bored. Surprisingly enough, there are several Sahuaro High School Instagram pages that should provide you some entertainment. A couple of my favorites are “shs_thepapercut” and “shs_mirrors.”  Scrolling through the diverse pictures brings back memories from the days when school was in person, when the hybrid model looming over us students felt like a grey storm cloud, back when school announcements were blasted in our ears through the speakers every morning. I think I might even miss hearing the students giggle every time they had to read “Have a cooougarific day!”

Now the school news is sent into our never-opened emails, posted into instagram stories, and forwarded through messages, three days late, by our parents. Our instagram page gives students a link to this site. If you type “shs” into the search bar you’ll also see several of the school’s infamous pages. For those who want some satisfying tunes, Sahuaro’s orchestra has a page with impressive videos of their performances.

There’s a page for the most recent seniors where someone posted pictures of the seniors and their quotes, a page for this year’s seniors, with plenty of our peers boasting their high school achievement. Unfortunately, since everything went into digital this year, you see a lot of the same students, such as the ones on teams, in clubs, or in STUCO. Mostly, I’m just a little sour there’s a lot of the sports teams and student council, but no pictures of me ;(

For Sahuaro’s drama, there are multiple pages. One, titled shs_gossip, and one titled shs_confessions, they’re all pretty ridiculous to me. It is kind of entertaining to read comments under the posts. Something in common with all of the pages is that the owner is anonymous to the public. I believe most of them are inactive now, but the quality content and the chuckles are still there, suspended on the media giant, like flies in a web.