Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker in Recovery as Dogs Are Returned Safely


Jordan Myers, Reporter

On Wednesday, February 24th at 9:40pm, two of Lady Gaga’s dogs were stolen in a violent attack as they were being walked in a Hollywood neighborhood, leaving her dog walker and long-time friend Ryan Fischer with a gunshot to the chest cradling Asia, who he recalls as his guardian angel dog who comforted him after the attack. The French bulldogs, Gustav and Koji, then went missing until an unspecified woman who appeared to be “uninvolved and unassociated” with the attack turned them in.

Referring to Asia, a third dog owned by the singer, the dog walker, Ryan Fischer, wrote that as “blood poured from my gun shot wound, an angel trotted over and laid next to me. My panicked screams calmed as I looked at her, even though it registered that the blood pooling around her tiny body was my own.”

It’s not known what exactly led to the attack but police were able to obscure surveillance video footage from a nearby home.

Pictured are Gustav & Koji

On it, Fischer is seen walking on a sidewalk, which is partly hidden by a fence, as a white car pulls up next to him. Two men exit the car and tussle with Mr. Fischer. He screams repeatedly and moments later, a gunshot is heard. “Help me, I’ve been shot,”  Fischer can be heard saying just after the car speeds away. “I’ve been shot. Oh my god.”

Ryan Fischer recalled that exact moment, writing on Instagram, “I cradled Asia as best I could, thanked her for all the incredible adventures we’d been on together, apologized that I couldn’t defend her brothers, and then resolved that I would still try to save them… and myself.”

“I looked backed at my guardian angel. I smiled at her shaking form, thankful that at least she would be ‘okay,’” he added.

No arrests have been made as the investigation is ongoing. “Investigators are still working the case,” Capt. Stacy D. Spell, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said in an email on Monday. She also referred to a statement the police released last week, saying they would not discuss the woman who returned the dogs, nor the location of where they were found, “due to the active criminal investigation and for her safety.”

When emergency medical workers treated Mr. Fischer, he was cradling the dog, according to KABC-TV, which had a helicopter flying over the scene.

A post from Lady Gaga shows just how amazingly cute her dogs are. Asia is in the middle.

Officer Jeff Lee, also a spokesman for the Police Department, said last week that a semiautomatic handgun was believed to be used in the attack.

The once-stolen dogs, Gustav and Koji are back at home with Lady Gaga, who had offered a $500,000 reward for information about the whereabouts of her dogs, a representative for the singer said, which she said would go to the woman who found them. Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, announced in 2016 that she had added a new puppy to her family of dogs, which included two named Koji and Asia. At the time, she named the puppy both “cowpig and moopig” before naming him Gustav.

In his Instagram post on Monday, Mr. Fischer included a message to Lady Gaga: “your babies are back and the family is whole… we did it!”