16.2 Million March Madness Brackets Created, Zero Remain Perfect


Malachi Hatfield, Reporter

This years March Madness is much different from past years in multiple ways, there’s no fans and there’s been tones of upsets. 12th seeded Oregon State had overcome two underdog situations when they beat 5th seeded Tennessee as well as 4th seeded Oklahoma State, but they lost in the third round to 2nd seeded Houston.

Even though there were plenty of upsets, 15th seeded Oral Roberts definitely took the cake. They have become the Cinderella story of this year’s tournament through the first two rounds. They beat 2nd seeded Ohio State 75-72, then beat 7th seeded Florida 81-78. But their championship dreams came to an end in the third round as well when they lost to 3rd seeded Arkansas 70-72.

Some more honorable upsets are North Texas’ win over 4th seeded Purdue (their first win NCAA tournament win in school history), San Diego State’s and West Virginia’s losses to 11th seeded Syracuse, Ohio University getting the dub against 4th seeded Virginia, as well as Oregon’s win over 2nd seeded Iowa. 8th seeded Loyola Chicago’s win over their fellow Illinois team, 1st seeded Illinois, was one of the more surprising upsets. A lot of people, including myself, had Illinois winning it all.

This year’s definitely one for the March Madness record books. Lots of unexpected wins across the board. From neighboring schools to schools thousands of miles away a from each other.