Fresh Face: Dani Tatro


Rowan Oxley, Reporter

With new students in Sahuaro, it might be nice to get to know some of them. Using a fresh face article, it’s easy to learn new things about students. I hope this article inspires everyone to make more friends, and maybe look around for Dani. Dani Tatro is a freshman at Sahuaro, who I met in Mr. Harkin’s English class. She is a very interesting person who I recommend getting to know.

What do you think of the school?

I think the school is nice.

What do you think of the campus?

The campus is pretty nice as well.

What’s your favorite class? Why?

My favorite class is English, because Mr. Harkin makes learning fun.

Do you prefer hybrid or online? Why?

I prefer hybrid; it’s easier to learn in a classroom.

Who’s your favorite teacher? Why?

Mr. Harkin is my favorite teacher; he is super nice.

What do you think of the teachers?

All the teachers are pretty cool.

What do you think of the students?

The students, or at least the ones I’ve met, are really cool.

Where’s your favorite place on campus? Why?

My favorite place on campus is Mr. Christian’s room. It’s nice and quiet in there.

What would you want past you to know about Sahuaro?

I would want past me to know it’s not as scary as you’d think.

What do you hope high school will be like in the next three years?

I hope high school will be fun.

What are your plans for after high school?

After high school, I hope to go to college.

What do you want to change in the world?

I want to change the world by helping fight for equality.

What middle school did you go to?

I went to Tucson Country Day School.

What’s your favorite animal? If you could, would you become that animal?

My favorite animal is a ferret, but I wouldn’t want to be it.