Pythagorean Theorem Won’t Be The Same – Farewell Mr.Holbrook!


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

Geometry and Algebra and math oh my! But now it’s time to say goodbye. Mr.Holbrook is a math teacher here at Sahuaro and his time here has sadly come to an end.

Q: When did you first start teaching at Sahuaro / how long have you been teaching?
A: “I started teaching at Sahuaro in January of 2019, and I have been a teacher for about four years now.”

Q: Which subject of math is your favorite to teach?
A: “My favorite math subject to teach is algebra because it is such a great lesson in abstracting away from all the distracting details.”

Q: What are your plans now that you are leaving Sahuaro?
A: “Now that I am leaving Sahuaro I will be attending Rogers Law College at the University of Arizona to pursue a law degree.”

Q: What is your reason for leaving Sahuaro?
A: “I am leaving Sahuaro because I want to continue to broaden my life experiences, and I will miss teaching greatly when I leave.”

Q: What was the craziest event / situation you have witnessed during your time at Sahuaro?
A: “The craziest situation I found myself in at the school (aside from the pandemic) would probably have to be when the trash can in the hallway of the math building was set ablaze and we had to pull the fire alarm to evacuate the school. A close second would be the school sit-in for keeping conference period.”

Q: What are a few memories from Sahuaro that you will always remember?
A: I will always remember my students and the antics they got up to in class, particularly the chess games and Uno matches.”

Q: What is something you will miss about Sahuaro?
A: “I will always miss my students and my fellow teachers!”

Q: What are some final comments to past and current students and co-workers?
A: “Some final comments to students would be to stick with it and find something you love! It’s much better than the alternatives.”

Some final words from Mr.Holbrook!
“It has been incredible working and teaching at Sahuaro for the few years that I have been privileged enough to do so, and I want to say thank you to the many colleagues and students who have helped me along the way — I could never have done it without you! This has been a wonderful home for me, and I hate to leave it. Working here has given me a unique perspective into education, and that is something that I hope to carry with me and leverage as motivation for future challenges down the road. You will all be missed, and you are all appreciated!”