Karyck Donnelly- A Fresh Face


Toge Inumaki, Reporter

Q: Who are you and what do you like to do?

A: Karyck is a freshman who’s currently 14-years-old. She is from the Nogales, Arizona area and moved to Tucson 4 years ago, she struggles with math and gets piled on by anxiety. She likes to listen to music, she’s a secretary in the photography club, and her major goal is to improve her skill and get better grades.

Q: What do you think about the school?

A: She thinks the school is very welcoming, inclusive, and how the staff wants everyone to succeed. Students are treated like adults which is very healthy, getting us ready for the real world instead of treating us like children.

Q: Any Dislikes?

A: The teachers aren’t communicating with students and parents enough.  She also thinks the school should stop splitting up the lunches so much, there are less eating areas, and how the halls are a bit crowded.

Q: What do you enjoy the most?

A: She enjoys her English class with Mr. LeResche because he teaches the material a bit more different. She loves how there are clocks to keep us updated on what time it is, to make sure no one is late and if they’re aware when class will end. The halls are clean and organized that way its easier for people to walk through.  She wants the lockers to be a bit more clean.

Q: Anything you could fix?

A: The only things she would fix are newer textbooks, longer passing periods (for restroom breaks), more food selections, have the snack bar added everyday, and maybe some grass-like areas to eat during lunch. She thinks there should be more tables in the courtyard and more space in the cafeteria.