Crazy Trend That Is Leaving Us Soapless


Marcie Varley, Reporter

Have you recently walked into a school bathroom, and noticed the soap dispensers missing?! This crazy trend is influenced by Tik Tok’s “hitting a diabolical lick”.  Basically it’s stealing or taking something random from school and making a Tik Tok video of whatever stolen item in their backpack. The #devioslick on Tik Tok already has 11.9k views on it.

The trend consists of people taking pretty much anything they can get their hands on. From cellphones, to pencil sharpeners, chromebooks, soap dispensers, toilet paper, school desks, student I.D. cards, fire extinguishers, and even buses. Even though you can’t fit a bus in your backpack, it all has reached a crazy level. I watched a Tik Tok where students even took the door to a principal’s car.

As a student finally getting back to school after all the lock downs, it’s really hard to even be able to wash your hands. Some schools have begun to close off bathrooms completely. Without an I.D. you may not be able to get lunch, get on the bus, or even be able to use certain facilities, depending on the school rules. Some schools are at the point with this trend that they are not even replacing items such as soap dispensers or finding the need to install other security devices to prevent more theft. Charlie, one of our school custodians, spoke on how he personally feels about the vandalisim, saying, “It’s a disgrace and disgusting, We spend 2 hours every day just fixing or replacing everything they vandalized.” Custodians are the ones who have to clean up the mess.  The vandals don’t care at all that they are destroying school property, wasting people’s time by making someone else clean their mess, and during a pandemic – causing others to not be able to wash their hands with soap.  Luis Andrade, sophomore, says, “I don’t feel good because its unsanitary even though I never use the bathroom at school. ”

Where does this leave us, besides soapless?  Some would say of this generation…hopeless.