How Geeky Did The Pandemic Make Us?


Paula Le

Paula Le took up corcheting over the pandemic!

Marcie Varley, Reporter

During the pandemic, people acquired new hobbies and new ways of life. We used to consider people who are on computers 24/7 as “geeks”, and now it’s been normalized all over the world. From online shopping to the way we keep in touch (virtual), our screen time has blown up.

As far as hobbies go, the pandemic has made us all tap back into our inner geek. Home hobbies for many were something to take our mind away from all that was going on around us, but some have stuck with us. Even though we may have searched up “how-to’s” online, these are all things that got us away from the screens, for the most part. Although, Netflix should be considered its own hobby since they added a hefty 36 million subscribers during this time. From house plant addictions to learning to read tarot cards, we all got in on some hobbies that took us away from the glowing screen. Hobbies such as gardening, scrapbooking, cooking, puzzling, crocheting, and learning how to play an instrument became popular and are still thriving. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian had us following their “geek” hobbies on their social media, such as her candle making.

We also ventured on to self-care with do-it-yourself beauty fixes. Haircuts, nails at home, lashes, and eyebrows were all very popular tutorials. Other forms of self-care are meditation, yoga, and working out became popular as well.

Did we really become geeks, or did we resubmerge ourselves into life without electronics?