Monica Pita is On the Move

Sahuaro’s New Athletic Trainer Has Done and Seen it All.


Paula Le

Monica Pita posing by human anatomy parts during her Sports Medicine class.

Paula Le, Editor

POV  – you’re Sahuaro’s athletic trainer: In the morning you have meetings, do paperwork, and fill coolers [for sports]. Then, you go to class, instruct, examine the aspect of the training room, and get everyone ready out for practice. As you are checking up on practices and treating/rehabbing athletes, you finish some more paperwork and get ready for the next day.

That may seem hectic, but Monica’s regular day consists of exactly that. As Sahuaro’s new athletic trainer as of mid-October, she is constantly on the go. Monica heard about the job opportunity from Becky herself, the previous athletic trainer. “I’ve known Becky since I was in high school and knew her really well. She talked to me when she knew she was going to leave.” If you were to meet Monica in-person, you may be the same height as her, as she is close to my height (5’3”). You cannot miss her.

What was life before Sahuaro? Monica had four years of training as a student in high school at Sabino’s athletic training room. Having known Becky, indulging in this field made her develop a love and passion for it. From there, Monica studied at the U of A for a bachelor’s in athletic training while working with athletes in football and women’s basketball. Monica pursued her master’s degree in athletic training at Texas Tech to further her education.

During the time Monica worked with the Broncos. (Monica Pita)

“I was able to see the variety of athletes that you can work with and the variety of capacities that an athletic trainer can hold. So I loved being able to be on the sidelines and work with the athlete from before their injury until they’re back in the field.”

You think that’s all she has accomplished? She worked alongside the Broncos team. Yes, THE Denver Broncos football team. Monica also managed a concussion rehab clinic for a year and a half after graduating from college. She did all of this within the span of fewer than 10 years. That’s mind-blowing.

The worst injury Monica has treated was a complete knee dislocation. This type of injury is considered a medical emergency, and it pretty much tears everything in the knee. The treatment took around a year until the athlete was able to play their sport. The knee dislocation, fortunately, took place three years ago.

Despite her life being eventful, she finds pleasure in the small things like biking, hiking, and spending time with her besties.

When Monica was a concussion rehabilitation specialist that focused on vision, balance, and cognitive deficits. (Monica Pita)

Working at Sahuaro, Monica hopes to further advance her training skills and be able to help student-athletes not only in the classroom but also on the field. For athletes who are recovering from an injury, she always has a plan of action. By planning short-term and long-term goals, athletes are able to see the progress improving without feeling behind on a sport.

There is no specific quote she lives by, but Monica lives by the principle of “always continue on. There might be good days and bad days, but no matter how bad a day is, you always have a new day.”

Don’t underestimate her height, for Monica is truly an intelligent woman.