Helping Hands – For Students In Need


Sierra Blaser, Reporter

We all know that the Sahuaro library is home to an abundance of novels and biographies that are able to bring anyone’s story to life, yet not many people know what lies behind the front counter. Behind the check out area and the librarian’s office resides a closet full of clothes, hygiene products, and school supplies. The storage space’s name? “The Helping Hands Closet.”

“The closet was started just before I got here, so around the Spring of 2019,” said Sahuaro librarian, Mrs. Krieg. “It’s something I feel students in need can benefit from.” The project was originally started by a group of seniors with our previous librarian, Anne Thames. Mrs. Krieg took responsibility of the closet once she arrived, and it has remained a place for students in need to come and receive the aid that they deserve. This year, however, donations have been lacking. “Most of the donations I have received have come from the nurse’s office. This year, she’s been my biggest supporter.”

The library is accepting many types of hygiene products, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, shaving cream, feminine products, etc. They are also asking for school supplies such as notebooks, pens, and pencils. “We do have some types of clothing, but that is not the main thing we need nor give.” Any other resources that students may find helpful are more than welcome to be donated.

Students who want to donate can find Mrs. Krieg in the library and give to her directly; she is available almost any time to take donations. The identity of students who receive these donations is completely confidential, and if you or someone you may know doesn’t feel comfortable directly asking for products, you can send an email to [email protected] to set up a time that works best for you. Mrs. Krieg says that she really wants to focus on “spreading the word around the school and letting people know that we are here and ready to help those who need it.” Whether you’re going for the helping hands closet or not, be sure to stop into Sahuaro’s library and check out all the things going on in the Cougar community.