2021 Recap of Memes N’ TikToks

Paula Le, Editor


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  • Poor Bernie Sanders, he became a meme with his mittens during Biden’s Inauguration. No worries though, Bernie created merch of himself for charity which raised about $1.8 million. #king

  • When I tell you every time “Woman” by Doja Cat plays, I insantly start dancing, especially to @tracy.oj’s dance from TikTok. The dance itsn’t too much, but it makes sense with the song.

  • “Jeffree escaping when he heard Kim’s car in the driveway.” When rumors circulated that Kanye West hooked up with a male beauty influencer, fingers immediately pointed to Jeffree. Although everything was made up, that didn’t stop Twitter and their imagination.

  • TikTok users were going crazy trying to dissect this video of a girlfriend visitng her bf in a college apartment. But with his plain reaction and sitting next to a girl, users immediately accused the “couch guy” of cheating. People were indeed invasive. What do you think?

  • The infamous Flex Tape commercial is known for Phil Swift’s emphasis on the power of his product. From repairing leaks in a tank to a sawed-in half boat, it’s powerful!

  • During the Summer Olympics of 2021 in Japan, athletes headed to TikTok to share what they were greeted with in their room. One of the reasons of the creation of the cardboard bed was so it can be recycled after the bed was used. Did the cardboard bed serve much purpose, or was it a means of saving money?

  • Any Godzilla vs. King Kong vs. Doge Meme. That’s it. Bonk.

  • “Berries and creme, berries and creme, I’m a little lad who loves berries and creme.” Known for the bob and velvet shirt, the character from Starburst’s 2007 commercial reached TikTok. From here, remixes of different audios and “little lad” dances was something I couldn’t escape from. Send help.

  • Ah yes, Chad memes. A “chad” is a slang term referring to particularly attractive males. This all started from the internet’s discovery of Ernest Khalimov, acknowledging his good looks and chiselled physique. The GigaCha, or “Ultimate Man,” has been debated whether he is a real model or a product of CGI, for there was not many videos of this man, and “Chad” does not do sponsorships.

  • “Sorry I’m an anti-romantic.” When TXT released this song, user @yutasbestie created a simple dance that anyone can follow. Not only was the K-pop community jamming to this certain clip, but it also managed to reach the MCU community on TikTok.

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