I Use Crystals In Everyday Life And You Should Too


Lia Ghirardi, Editor

What is perceived to be a trend, is actually something of great benefit: crystals. Crystals are rock-like materials formed over time within the Earth. They may be fun to look at, but they have multiple different purposes and are beneficial in many ways.


Life in this neck of the woods is tough, so what do I turn to? Crystals. I love to have the energy of certain crystals near me whenever I am going through a rough patch. Whether that be having crystal jewelry on, or throwing some in my purse/backpack, it is of great benefit to keep some with me at all times. There are so many crystals to choose from, but which are the best healing ones? My personal favorites to keep on me in a time of pain are onyx, quartz, and black tourmaline. Onyx serves as an emotional healing crystal, quartz gives off positive energy, and black tourmaline promotes self-confidence and blocks negative energy.


This world is filled with a lot of good, but a lot of bad as well. You never know what people’s true intentions are towards you, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. To keep positive energy flowing, there is one specific crystal I like to use most: citrine. It is known as the “happy stone” and it helps good energy flow throughout your person. It is a crystal that carries major benefits and is one that I highly recommend to people who are just starting to explore the Crystal world.


If you are a person who believes in the power of manifestation, crystals are a great tool in boosting the power of your intentions. Depending on what I am manifesting determines the crystals around me. If I’m manifesting within the realm of love, I like to keep rose quartz and carnelian around me for their powerful love energies. If I am manifesting wealth, my favorite crystals to keep nearby are malachite and green aventurine for their energy of abundance and luck. No matter what you want to manifest, there are crystals out there that will help boost your intentions.

Yes, they are pretty to look at, but they don’t do just that. Crystals are a great thing to start getting into. Protect your energy and raise your positive intentions with the power of these magical stones.