How To Enroll in JTED Courses


Ben Robinson, Reporter

With currently over 50 different courses to take, JTED or Joint Technical Education District, could be perfect for you to learn more about possible career options and interests!

The opportunities are nearly limitless with the district serving kids in any situation, meaning students from public, private, charter, or even home schools can attend and learn from the programs. However, students need to be sophomore, junior, or senior age high school students to take any JTED class, although some classes require you to be solely a senior year student. All of their classes are tuition-free, which means that money is not an issue if you are looking to take a course through JTED.

Meeting held at Sahuaro

At a meeting held at Sahuaro on January 12, Tanisha Tatum, a JTED counselor, discussed many of the reasons you should enroll in the JTED program. She explains their motto and says, “JTED allows you to do what you love in high school completely for free.” Tatum also explains that their programs are like some of the electives you might find in traditional school, however, they go more in-depth and focus on the hands-on aspect. About 70% of any given program focuses on the hands-on aspect of the class. Tatum says, “Our programs are pretty much like electives on steroids.” Meaning, that they are amplified electives that will give you a head start in any program you take through JTED because the program goes beyond traditional high school electives. You can choose a program that fits your interests and then see if your current career interest will be something that you will want to do for a living. If it’s not, it’s better to find that out now, before pursuing it further.

Tanisha Tatum (JTED Counselor and Presenter for meeting held at Sahuaro)

There are currently over 10 locations that JTED programs offer all over Pima County. The closest location near Sahuaro High School is JTED @ Camino Seco (8727 E. 22nd St.). All other locations you can find here:

If you are interested, it’s important to enroll now! Pre-enrollment beings at 12 AM on January 18, 2022. It is first come first serve. (Pre-enrollment information below)

Some of the JTED programs include:  Learning about business/entrepreneurship; Computers & Media – 3D animation/video game design, graphic design; Health Science – All sorts of healthcare; Hospitality, Education & Human Services – Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management; Public Service – Emergency Medical, Fire Service, Law & Public Safety; Industrial Technologies – Drone/Machine Operations, Aviation, Welding; Science & Engineering – Aerospace, Mining Technology, Veterinary Science… just to name a few!

Important Information:

To learn more about the courses and programs JTED offers, visit their website: OR for more information about the district itself visit

To Pre-enroll visit and fill out a Pre-Enrollment Form beginning January 18, 2022 – first come first serve.

To take an online career interest survey (to see what program might be right for you) visit:

If you’re interested in talking directly to a counselor, you can email: [email protected]

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