Now Available – The Vegan Violin

Now Available - The Vegan Violin

kaya wilkowski

Padraig o Dubhlaoidh has created the world’s first vegan violin. Padraig o Dubhlaoidh is a professionally qualified violin maker, restorer, and conservator and sometimes plays the violin. Vegan people believe you shouldn’t have to harm animals to enjoy the sound of a violin, so Padraig decided to create a vegan violin.

This violin is made from steamed pear which is dyed black. Wild berries are used to dye the wood to make the body and local spring water is used in the adhesive. Regular violins are normally made with materials such a  horsehair, hooves, bones and horns. He spent five long years crafting the perfect, animal-friendly instrument so vegans everywhere are able to play this instrument without having to worry about how it is made. He crafted the vegan violin in his workshop, putting countless hours into research for materials that would only be vegan but still be as durable as possible for the musicians.

Padraig said, “I’ve learned a lot from making the vegan violin. You would not believe the strange animal products used in the process, including the dried urine of buffalo fed on mangos. It takes on average a couple of months to make the instruments and everything is certified by The Vegan Society.” Padraig has said he does not expect everyone to switch to vegan violins but hopes that he is helping out the few people who do, even for the steep price of $9000.