Netflix Movie: Don’t Look Up – Is it even worth to look at?


Kasia Jackson, Reporter

A relatively new movie on Netflix called Don’t Look Up is about two astronomers (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio) trying to warn the general public of a comet coming towards Earth that will destroy the planet. There is uproar and total disbelief of the situation with various movements occurring such as “Just Look Up” and “Don’t Look Up”. The president (played by Meryl Streep) doesn’t care to stop this comet causing the astronomers to try to act against this their own way. However, this plan doesn’t follow through.

The genre of this movie is comedy and it somewhat lives up to it. I mean, there were some funny moments, but some felt a bit forced and somewhat cringey.  I also feel that some of the transitions are quite confusing and sometimes don’t correlate with what’s exactly happening. It’s possible that their intention was to show that chaos of the current state in the film, but I feel they could have done so a little better.

The range of actors they have in here is interesting; Actors that you would never imagine seen in the same movie, like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo Dicaprio. And Timothy Chalmette?  I mean Meryl Streep playing a president?? A bit of scandalous behavior, but okay we love that for her. Now, can we talk about Jennifer Lawrence’s hair? The bowl-cut bangs are NOT cute at all. Also Jonah Hill’s speech about “stuff” when the world is just going into complete chaos was actually funny to be honest. The amount of celebrities in this movie was a bit of an overload; I feel like the director asked himself  How many celebrities we can fit into one movie? and then just placed in everyone that agreed to do it. Look, the movie includes a lot of my favorite actors, but in my opinion this isn’t their best work.

THE ENDING!!! I’m just at a loss of words, I can’t and won’t describe what I witnessed. You’ll just have to see that part for yourself.

Overall, I give this movie a 2 out of 5 stars. I wouldn’t see this movie ever again. And the fact it’s being nominated for Critics Choice? Why? Just why?