Math Teacher Lynette Barley Joins Sahuaro Staff

Math Teacher Lynette Barley Joins Sahuaro Staff

Ben Robinson, Reporter

Our newest math teacher at Sahuaro has arrived! Mrs. Barley came to our school last Monday, January 24th and although she has only been around for a few days, she has already made some big changes in her new classroom. Her Algebra I and II students are finally learning a few things.  Although it can be hard for both students and teachers to adjust to such a big change, everyone seems to be taking it very well.

Mrs. Barley has been teaching since 2012, just over ten years. She always knew she wanted to be a teacher; all throughout middle school, high school, and even college, she was a math tutor. She also was a lifeguard and swim teacher in high school and college. Mrs. Barley received her college education at the UofA and got her degree in mathematics. She loves it. “I believe most people are better at math than they think they are, someone just needs to help them realize that,” she explains. “Being able to help someone figure that out is very rewarding.” This is an awesome characteristic of a brilliant teacher: someone who wants to help others find out what they can do and how they can use their intelligence.

Mrs. Barley currently has no plans of leaving Sahuaro any time soon and looks forward to teaching here for the foreseeable future, saying, “I’m very happy to be here at Sahuaro and to be teaching again”. When she first started out as an educator, she was aiding other teachers here at Sahuaro as a student-teacher. Mrs. Barley remembered Sahuaro and how much she enjoyed her time here, so it made sense for her to come back. She even says she wants her own children to attend Sahuaro in the coming years.

Mrs. Barley is returning to the workforce after a six-year hiatus. Her four small children, currently ages, 4, 6, 7, and 9, are now all in educational programs.  When she isn’t teaching or caring for her children, she is enjoying the outdoors, doing activities such as camping and swimming. She also enjoys playing volleyball and would like to play weekly games with friends and members of her church.

Overall, we are happy to have Mrs. Barley with us as a part of the Sahuaro family! Welcome Mrs. Barley!