What’s Theatre Up To?


Gabriel Davidson, Reporter

The advent of Covid wrought all kinds of chaos on every department and wing of the school, but whereas most of the school has adapted and returned to some normalcy, theater has suffered and still suffers the limitations that come with social distancing and safety precautions. Performances were canceled when Covid was still thought of as something that’d dissipate like the common cold given a few months and the nation had just begun taking precautions, which continued into the next (Zoom-dominated) year. This year, however, is a different story. Theater has been preparing for its renewal in the form of its first big production since Covid hit.

The three act play, Our Town, will be performing from March into April, with proper Covid precautions taken and social distancing for both actors and audience. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes will be performing the play. Masks will be worn by actors which, although safe, might hinder the audience’s ability to fully appreciate scenes of an emotional nature.

Mr. Austin, their long-term substitute and a long-time thespian, emphasises that it comes down to following Covid protocols and staying masked at all times, but that clear masks have been considered. Being the de facto teacher since Mrs. Strong’s maternity leave, Mr. Austin has expressed his appreciation for his students especially as a first-time substitute.

Even with all the adversity that theatre has experienced in the face of Covid, Mr. Austin expressed that “students are giving it their all to make it happen,” and that he feels greatly supported by both the fine arts faculty and the rest of the school.