Men’s Figure Skating 2022 Beijing Winners!


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have ended, and every competitor was amazing to watch on the ice, with razor-sharp blades as thin as 5 centimeters. The male solo figure skaters put on a spectacular show for every judge and person in the stand.

First up, we have the short programs: every participant did extremely well and the event was lovely to watch. Representing the United States, Nathan Chen skated wonderfully. His performance was astonishing and his jumps were on point! When he skates, it’s his world and everyone can only watch in awe. Nathan Chen did so well that he ended up beating the world record for the short program set by Japan’s own Yuzuru Hanyu (who placed fourth this Olympic season) back in 2020, scoring 113.97 points, just a 1.25 difference.

Yuma Kagiyama from Japan earned a silver medal. He is such a young and energetic skater, a smile can’t help but creep up on your face watching him! He is so much fun to watch, and his technique is amazing. He scored a 108.12, which placed him temporarily in first. Shoma Uno is from Japan, but is currently training in Switzerland to skate better, learning to skate for himself more than anything. Gracefully, he ended with a score of 105.90.

On Wednesday, February 9th, the free skate started; it all ended there. Nathan Chen stayed in first, receiving a 218.63 on his free skate program, bringing his point total for the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics to 332.60. Kagiyama fully came into his own when he skated; just at eighteen, he placed second in the Olympics! He went on the ice ready for anything. He did his best and wooed the crowd when he beat his own personal score by 11.45 points. He ended his free skate with 201.93 points, bringing him to a total of 310.05 and allowing him to bring silver home to Japan.

Shoma Uno fell short on two of his opening quad jumps, hurting his score, however, that wasn’t the main focus of the show. He skated wonderfully, smoothly gliding on the ice. He tried his hardest to win, even after fumbling! He got 187.10 bringing his score up to 293.00. Schma Uno got bronze.