Sr. Lane’s Fabulous Fashion Show


Ben Robinson, Reporter

Spanish teacher, Sr. Lane, has been holding a fashion show or – un desfile de modas – in his classroom for several years. After a few weeks of advertising it to his students this year, lots of Sahuaro’s Spanish students participated in Sr. Lane’s Fashion Show.

Ryan Depugh Pictured in 2014 – Graduated student at the UofA.

It worked like this: Sr. Lane took one day to let his kids dress up (some wore their formal wear all day) and took turns walking down the “catwalk” through the middle of the classroom. As they did this, he took their picture if they dressed up and gave them ten extra credit points as a reward for being in formal wear. While they walked down the catwalk, the group they chose described (in Spanish), how they looked.

Brittany Chapman Pictured 2013

One anonymous student says, “It was actually really fun! I am one of the people who dressed up and stayed in my cool, formal attire all day… I just wish a few more people dressed up because in my class only a few of us really dressed up.” While only a handful of students participated in that period, in another of Mr. Lane’s classes over half of the students wore formal wear and had a lot of fun describing each other’s fancy clothes.

I personally am in Sr. Lane’s class and did in fact dress up for the fashion show. I also was disappointed that many of the kids in our class didn’t feel the desire to dress up like I did. For some, they dressed up for the 10 points of extra credit, for others like me, we dressed up to make the day a little more exciting and to have a little fun, which made the 10 extra credit points only a bonus.

Sergio Romero Pictured 2016 – Graduated Sahuaro 2020

“I’ve been doing this for many many years, dress up on Friday for 10 extra credit points!” Sr. Lane would say this every day a few weeks before the fashion show. He tried very hard to advertise it… and it’s lucky he did, because it was just as fun as he made it out to be.

If you were looking to take a spanish class, definitely consider Sr. Lane, he makes his classes fun and entertaining, but also very educational.