Parents should be more involved in their kids’ lives


Jenifer Urzua, Reporter

It starts off as going to the grocery store and hearing a child scream, hit, and spit on their parents to then ignoring them at the dinner table, to later on sneaking off without permission. One of the biggest reasons for this is lack of communication.

The times have changed over the years. This new generation is insane, starting with parenting. Most parents don’t care for their child’s well-being, thinking “ugh they’re just teenagers, it’ll fade,” but don’t understand the battles teenagers go through every day, starting with anxiety and depression. A lot of parents tend to cause skepticism in their kids without even noticing. “Strict parents raise better children” is what many people believe. Yes, they certainly do, they raise kids who live in fear of punishment and discipline and are scared of disappointment.

Most of us have heard of the old adage “Strict parents raise sneaky kids,” but we all tend to ignore the part where the overtly strict parents discipline without explanation. A perfect example would be a 6-year-old dropping your favorite flower vase. What do they do after? In fear, the child decides to lie about it. Most of the time, instead of talking to your child about the incident, your first instinct is to hit them and call it a day. They’ll cry and know they did wrong but many don’t realize this process is only making your child afraid of you. It is not teaching them to not lie but it is teaching them to become a better liar. Most importantly, this act shows children to resort to violence when getting upset and hitting with no explanation. Kids tend to copy their parent’s behavior. The reason teenagers won’t listen to you is because you’ve never listened to them while growing up. That kid likes to lie because s/he is afraid. Instead of resolving things with violence parents should think to themselves first and try to become better for their children. Kids need reassurance from their parents.

Social media plays a huge role in early teenagers. Now, you would be lucky to have a genuine conversation with the kids. It’s either Instagram, or now TikTok, that they’re obsessed with. Social media is toxic. Not only does social media bring horrible behavior on teenagers but it also brings bullying, lack of sleep, and a negative body image. Nowadays, parents don’t check what their teens do. They should be more conservative on what their kids watch and how it affects them.

Parents should teach their kids boundaries as well as enjoyment. They should enjoy their lives and make memories. Parents not letting you go out of your early teenage years can lead you to depression, especially with not letting them enjoy their teenage years. Some may agree that teens feel numb and feel like they’re parents have ruined their lives. Many don’t feel comfortable talking to them, they are tired of living the same boring cycle.

Kids should be able to do kids’ stuff, they shouldn’t worry about their parents they should worry on hanging out with their friends and enjoying their precious years. Although parents feel scared, they should also realize they could ruin their child’s happiness because of their own fears.

You are only a teen once. It sucks having to sit back and watch all your friends enjoy their youth while you can’t do anything but stay home because of your strict parents. Overly strict parents can ruin your mental health

On the other hand, involved parents are most likely to push their kids to perform their best certainly with manners and academic achievement. Involved parents tend to push their kids to do better. Having a good mindset influences your kids to do better. Involved parents teach their kids to make healthy decisions and to work hard to succeed.