The 5th Wave Book Review


Michael Tom, Creative Contributor

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey takes place in the modern day and aliens known as “The Others” are taking over the world. With four waves of attacks already crippling the human population, they plan to strike, ending all of humanity with their fifth wave of attack. With all this happening, Cassie is on a mission to save her younger brother who was taken by The Others for unknown reasons.

In my opinion, this book was a great read, it brought out intense reactions relating to the real world. The author did an excellent job at describing by using vivid imagery about the characters, plots, settings and details that help you play a movie in your head. The one thing I disliked about it was the lack of an intense cliff hanger. Sure, some might argue there is a cliff hanger, but in my opinion it is not intense enough to propel myself to read it non-stop, but overall, this is nonetheless a good book, that anyone into science fiction would love.

I would recommend this book to 12-99 year old males or females. I think people of any interests with a little imagination, and a reading level of at least an eighth grader would like this book.