Mrs. Lori Emrich : The Woman Behind The Scenes


Mekayla Phan, Features Editor

It has been about two months since Mr. Dunn left us (in good health), and there is curiosity surrounding the Finance Office since it has gotten a new manager. You might have already met her after returning your textbooks or buying tickets to Prom, but who is she? Who is this mysterious person behind the desk? Who is Mrs. Emich Lori? (And have you seen how CLEAN the office is now??!!)

Mrs. Lori has been in the TUSD district for four years as an Attendance Registrar from Dodge Middle School. By luck she came across and applied for the Finance Manager position at our school, and to her surprise – was chosen. This is quite beneficial for her, because she is currently getting her Accountant degree at Grand Canyon University (GCU) campus here in Tucson. She says that she “enjoys working with math and numbers”, and so the Finance Office is a perfect setting for her.
In coming here to Sahuaro, she was a bit overwhelmed. Different from a middle school, the students here are much older and a larger population (as to be expected). However, she also feels very welcomed. “Everyone is friendly. They make me feel like I’m part of the team,” Mrs. Lori smiles. Probably the students especially, that she says are “very helpful in explaining to me about the policies (check in/out, textbooks, etc.).” She also keeps in touch with Mr. Dunn almost daily, who gives her advice to better transition into the role of overseeing and managing all finances of the school.
Though she has yet to meet everyone from the faculty, she has worked with a lot of the English and Math department teachers and met several of the coaches. Many of the teachers complimented on how much cleaner and more put together the Finance Office has become since she arrived. The desks are cleared, papers placed neatly, books are in order, and more. It was not her intention for her to be disrespectful of how it was before, but she likes to be organized because it makes it an easier environment for her to work in. The Activities and Operations Secretary, Giovanna Gissart (GG), who helped her adjust into the school, says, “She is very excited to work, I can tell. She is good at her job. She takes up on it, and runs with it… the office is gorgeous.”
It is her 6th week here already and far from day one- “where now the pieces of the puzzles are finally coming together.” She has a sense of how certain things work in a way, but probably still has many things to learn.
We can all hope that she will have a good experience at Sahuaro and welcome her as our newest and proudest cougar member.