Welcoming A New Cougar: Coach Al


Ali Wood, Reporter

Say hello to Sahuaro’s new head football coach, Coach Al!

Coach Al has been a football coach for the past 20 years. This year is his first year coaching football full time for a school. He coached football at Salpointe Catholic High for 15 years while owning a retail shop. When he stopped coaching at Salpointe, he was at Mica Mountain High for a year before he came to Sahuaro.”… this opportunity came up and I just couldn’t let it go,” says Coach Al when asked what brought him to Sahuaro.

Coach Al coaches professional football as well. In the off season, he coaches the Sugar Skulls, who are members of the Indoor Football League. In the regular season, he coaches at Sahuaro. When asked what he does in his free time, he replied, “Everything in my life is football related.” He spends time with his 3 daughters and his 3 grandchildren, and both of his grandsons happen to love football.

“My plan is to make this a stopping point for kids to go finish their career in college and play football on T.V, where I get to say I coached them,” Coach Al stated while pointing to pictures which filled his wall. The pictures are of students he coached who went off to play college football. Jonah Miller, former Salpointe athelete being one of many on the wall.

A piece of advice Coach Al would give is, “Sports teach you how to be reliable, responsible, and a team player.”

Coach Al is not just a great coach, but someone who encourages his players to be the best. He thinks the best part about coaching is watching the boys on his team grow and turn into men.”Football teaches you about life, your ups and downs and everything both ways.”

The Sahuaro community welcomes Coach Al and hopes he can call Sahuaro his home for many years to come.