Lil Wayne On His Way to the Top


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Lil Wayne is best known for his Carter albums. He wasn’t just making a rap album either, but rather building a legacy for his future and for his kids. Lil Wayne has made it so far and now the long and anticipated Carter VI is coming out soon. Carter I was released on June 29, 2004, which he named after the crack house from the 1991 crime film, New Jack City. I loved Carter I because of the many different messages he had in each song. In his song, “Get Down” he had lines of different political opinions. For Carter II, it is the fifth studio album by Lil Wayne and it was released on December 6, 2005. Carter II was more about his struggles in the music industry and what he went through when he was younger. Carter III is the sixth studio album by Wayne, and it was released on June 10, 2008. Carter III was the birth of his most popular song “Lollipop” and “A Milli” that helped him win his first Grammy.

Then came Carter IV , released on August 29, 2011. In this Carter IV album he really dove deep into his sad past while still making a name for himself and opportunities for his kids. I love his Carter IV album because his song “It’s Good” is one of my favorites. One of Lil Wayne’s lines says, “This is Wayne’s world, and y’all are just some tourists” I love how that just builds up to a bigger beat and better line after. Next, there is  Carter V, the twelfth studio album and Lil Wayne’s most recent album. It was released on September 28, 2018, and was the longest-delayed album – it took 7 years, but it captures Wayne and how we want to remember him.

Finally, Carter VI is the album that was just announced and will be released soon. However, there is not an exact date on the new album. Lil Wayne’s album might take a while because of all the legal battles he is facing.  He did make an announcement about when he believes it will be done, and he said the end of 2022. After teasing the news during a live performance of Lil Wayne’s in October of 2021, he confirmed that  Carter VI album is on the way and posted an Instagram video to his fans saying:  “I’m not sure if you heard, but That Carter VI album is on the way. This album will be the most influential and story-telling album of the year. “