Devastating Rainstorms In Texas


Anissa Garcia, Reporter

Dallas Texas is experiencing flooding with more than 13 inches of rain in only 18 hours.  Community residents woke up to severe flooding. The devastating rainstorms have  flooded homes in the community and moved cars on the roads as well as caused residents to abandon their vehicles to find safety. The Dallas Fire Department has responded to many crashes and other emergencies caused by the rain. Unfortunately, there have been deaths due to the recent storms as well.

As damage assessments are being done, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, has declared a state of disaster and has requested additional state and possible federal assistance. Efforts are being made to support the communities rescue needs due to recent rainstorm and flood damage. The recent rain storms have certainly broken records for Texas over the past several years. If storms continue, they will place much more damage to the affected communities.

Storms are now moving into cental Texas and are predicted to move south towards the Coastal Plains.  Many question the cause of these rains, speculating climate change and global warming are the cause.

The Flash floods this year are life-threatening because they have killed people who were in their cars because they couldn’t  get out of them. Some parts of Dallas-Fort Worth recorded more than 10 inches of rain. The east side of Dallas recorded 15.1 inches of rain over the past 24 hours.