Security Flaw on Millions of Apple Devices

Natalie Valdez Martinez, Reporter

Recently, Apple has warned users of two vital security flaws on the majority of apple devices. These flaws could potentially allow hackers to overtake the Apple devices causing a major threat. Apple has notified users of the security threats but have yet to release any specific information about the problem due to privacy and protection of their customers. Webkit, the browser engine that is in charge of Safari, was the main source of the attacks because of weaknesses. Webkit was allegedly reported as the key part of the operating system. This issue was first reported by a researcher that chose to remain anonymous.

It was said that it’s a possibility that the attacks are being caused by visiting a website with a malicious code. If the website is processing the content on the page, the hackers can exploit it and use the malicious code on the site with kernel privilege. A main part of IOS is the kernel. It has no restrictions and gives all access to the core operating system. This means that any hacker could potentially have full access to your device.

Apple has released a software update to help against any security threats. Any Apple user should immediately download the security update. The surprise updates were made in order to give your devices more protection and help fight against the attack. To download the updates, go to settings, general, and then software updates.