New Restaurant Comes To Tucson

Portillo’s Vintage Diner


Kayla Dwornik, reporter

Portillo’s is a new restaurant coming to Tucson! Located at Tucson’s El Con center, this restaurant is a vintage diner you all will love. This establishment was started in 1963 when Dick Portillo decided to invest in a small trailer to sell hot dogs out of. Now, 70 years later, it’s a big name brand and there are over 70 locations across states. Portillo’s specializes in Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef, cheese fries, and chocolate cake, along with chocolate cake shakes, but have a lot more to offer!

Sahuaro student Jayden Jewett states, “I grew up in Chicago and there was a Portillo’s in my hometown, and every time I go back to visit, I look forward to going to Portillo’s, and one of my favorite things to get from there is chocolate cake shake because it’s very fancy, and it is not like other things at other restaurants that I’ve tried. They also have great Italian beef, and I believe they have a good beef and cheddar croissant – they are pretty fancy as well. They also have salad, hot dogs, and much more. I’m really excited for Portillo’s to come to Tucson, so I don’t have to wait till I’m in Chicago for some yummy beef.”

Portillo’s is said to open by the end of 2022. If you want a cool place to go out with friends or family, Portillo’s is the spot!