Senior Spotlight: Lamar Kemp

Senior Spotlight: Lamar Kemp

Tayton Schwartz Jr, Reporter

Introducing one of Sahuaro’s seniors…Lamar Kemp.  The 17-year-old is considered by many to be a fun and nice person to hang out with. His life is simple: he likes to chill all day, finish his work at school, and when he has free time, play games or go on his phone. Before Sahuaro, he attended Ridge View High School and Spring View High School before finally landing here and becoming a Sahuaro Cougar. He has never played in any sports or clubs, as he has never really gotten into that stuff or had the time to do it.

I asked Lamar what are some tips you can give to other students, he said, “All you have to do is your best on getting good grades, and if you are aiming for your goal, do as much research as you can and find out what are the best things you can do to help aid you in your journey of school… don’t hang with the wrong crowd; they will slow you down and be a bad influence on you.” Take notes Cougars, and learn from our seniors!

Lamar also said, “Life is a thing that everyone goes through.  You will have some good days and bad days that will occur in your life, and no matter how much you fall and fail, always pick yourself up and never give up and keep trying until you reach your goal.”

When asked about his plans after graduation, Lamar stated, “To be honest, there is nothing I want to do except everything like going to college and working in a company to help people become rich. I have been researching trading and crypto and options trading or online real-estate, but until I am finished with most of my research…I may start soon hopefully.”