The Girl Who’s Involved in Everything, Cesia Salazar


Cymona Abellard, reporter

Cesia Salazar is a senior here at Sahuaro who everyone knows and loves. Even though we all think we know pretty much everything about her, there is always more to learn about a person, which is why I decided to interview her.

In her three previous years, she has been the freshman, sophomore, and junior class president. Now that we are in our senior year, she is our student body president. I asked Cesia if this was a goal of hers when she thought about being in high school. She told me that being senior class president was a goal, but being student body president just kind of happened because her leadership qualities excelled over the 3 years.

Another thing that had to have been a goal of hers was being in a leadership council and trying to restart FCA. Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club that used to be at this school and Cesia believes it was and still can be extremely helpful for students.

Believe it or not, Cesia is involved in 3 sports as well. She plays outside/right side on the volleyball team, is a 3-small forward and a 4-power forward on the basketball team, and is on the tennis team.

As you can see Cesia is an extremely active and sporty person, but she wasn’t always like that. When she was younger, she had an explorative stage when it came to artsy things. She tried painting, dancing, and playing instruments. But even though she enjoyed that, being active and participating in sports was always more enjoyable. She ended up saying, “I’ve always found painting and artistic people and musically talented people so cool, and the fact that dancers can just find any beat…props to them.”

Now that we know Cesia is a beast in extracurriculars, let’s talk academics. Cesia’s current GPA is 3.972, so she has a lot of options when it comes to college if that is what she wants to do. When I asked her about college, she was quick to tell me that she wants to go to the U of A and study to be a chiropractor/ masseuse/healer. She said she wants to be able to, “tell whether a ligament or joint is hurt or a bone is broken, that way they can save thousands of dollars and avoid a surgery.” She is very big on healing people, but also wants them to save as much money as possible.

Overall Cesia is an amazing athlete, student, leader and friend. We honestly should all strive to have her level of dedication.