What’s Going On In The Finance Office?


Jaden Jewett, A&E editor

Sahuaro’s finance office is a place students can go to get laptops, pay participation fees, check out books for a class, and purchase some of Sahuaro’s merch. The finance office is located over by the cafeteria and right next to the courtyard. Lori Emrich, Sahuaro’s financial manager, has been with Sahuaro for 6 years and said, “I love working with high school students because I feel like I’m helping them plan for their future.” She also likes the financial aspect of her job and said: “I like that there’s something new to do every day and that I get to work with accounting and still feel like I’m helping students and young adults become successful adults.”

A typical day in the finance office for Lori includes taking ID photos,  handing out laptops to students, taking payments for activity fees, preparing deposits from school fundraisers, answering the phone, and helping other school financial managers learn how to do their jobs. Outside of work, she likes to do DIY crafts, read books, and spend time with her kids. Lori also sells tickets for games at Sahuro at the finance office, as well as game passes for students to have unlimited access to sporting events. She also sells tickets for football games at Sahuaro in a ticket booth outside by the field. Overall, Lori is an essential part of keeping Sahuaro’s finances in order and keeping the school running. She truly loves her job and takes pride in her work and for that, we should all be grateful.