Hispanic Heritage Month


Louraine Bouraima, reporter

This year Hispanic Heritage Month is finally coming to Sahuaro’s campus. That’s right, Cougars, get excited…Unified In Color is hosting this year’s HHM! With decorations filling the hallways and a fun end-of-the-month event to come, Unified In Color has dedicated itself to celebrating this wonderful month to represent the many Hispanic students around the school campus. The club members and sponsor Ms. Good have worked long and tirelessly to make this event possible, including many behind the scene messes that will later turn into a masterpiece.

Each hallway is decorated with a theme, exactly to show their support for the month. In the 100 building, we have different types of Hispanic music. For example, we have musicians such as Bad Bunny, Selena, and more. The group in charge of the hallway chose the theme music, “because in Mexico one way to connect with others is to play the music that everyone would know and let that music connect them,” said group leader Gabriella Rodriguez.

In the 200 building, the theme was Encanto, the famous 2021 movie because it was the representation many in the Hispanic communities were looking for. Not only was Encanto a film where representation mattered, but it was also a movie in which a clear deeper message was passed through to all its audience, young or old. Encanto is a movie, as said by many, where the meaning is that generational trauma can cause damage to the new generation. We are all now in a generation where being apologetic for being yourself, sacrificing your happiness, mental health, or energy is frowned upon.

And last but not least… the 300 hallway. The theme for that hallway is Coco, which is used to celebrate the holiday Dia De Los Muertos, translated as the Day Of The Dead Celebration. A celebration most popular in Mexico, team leader Marlisa Gallardo said, “I chose Coco because I believe that Dia De Los Muertos is a big part of Mexican heritage, a holiday that is greatly represented in the Hispanic culture.” Coco is a movie all about celebrating family and healing what was broken.

What Unified In Color wished to accomplish by celebrating this month is to show that all cultures, especially throughout their uniqueness, deserved to be recognized for all their greatness. Danira Almeraz, a student, quoted, “It made me feel good to see my culture finally being represented at school.  It made me feel seen.” Ms. Good, club sponsor also said, “In all my four years at school this is the first time I’ve seen this holiday even celebrated…I think it’s amazing that we are doing this because 70% of our students are either Hispanic or of Hispanic descent, so I’m happy this is finally being celebrated.” I’m also glad we were able to show that Unified In Color is truly there to celebrate everyone.