Tanque Verde V.S. Sahuaro Volleyball: The Game to Watch


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

On Thursday, September 29th at 4:00 our JV volleyball team started off the first game againstĀ  Tanque Verde High School. This game had been long and anticipated because they perfectly match our skills and drive to win. Sahuaro and Tanque Verde aren’t rivals, but this game was for sure a game to watch. Even though Sahuaro lost, the scores were close for all teams.

When we played Tanque Verde, we did talk and called the ball way more. Everyone has been playing lazy lately, but that changed dramatically because of the fact we called the ball more. Maggie Boyd, from the JVB team, said, “We can all benefit from calling the ball more because it will help keep the game flowing.” So we did call the ball, and we have the rhythm for our volleyball team now after this game. Although we did lose, we applied ourselves a lot more and when doing so we did not play badly on our specific task.

When playing volleyball the most important thing is serving the ball. In the game for Varsity, they played every ball over well and it was very useful and fun because the ball came over and had the whole gym cheering and ready to watch us make our move. For the JV teams, passing the ball to the setter was getting so much better throughout the sets in the games because of how hardworking they are at practice, and that made a huge difference in the game. For example, Sirena Flowers from JVB said, “I’m nervous to be playing a new position, but I’m ready to get every ball to our setter.” While being an outside hitter is also very hard because you have to time your jump and hit the ball, with teamwork and not giving up even though we lost the game, it is always better to put your all into what you try to achieve.