Joseph Parker: A Bright Future in Cooking


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Joseph Parker, junior, has been in advanced culinary for a year, so the work ethic and the drive to make every dish taste good are hard to achieve. He decided to take culinary because he always enjoyed cooking and tasting the food he makes. He has been working hard to make the assigned meals, but usually, they are not that hard for him.  Whether the meal seems easy or hard, he can always restart and make it taste better or change the texture of the food to his liking.

The biggest challenge for Joey was learning how to use most of the equipment in the kitchen. He quickly learned to use the tools for cooking he was having trouble with towards the middle of the quarter. Joseph prefers a less crowded class because he could have more space for the things he needs to do, saying, “I have many ideas for the dishes, but I want to make a fancy steak dish because I love cooking steak with my step-dad.” His biggest inspiration for cooking is the relationship he has with his step-dad and how they make a lot of food together.

Joey has many ideas about what he wants for the future, but he wants to be a professional chef, with plans on graduating high school and studying culinary in college. Joey said,” Once I graduate from college, I will pursue my passion and become a chef because I want to enjoy what I do.” Right now in his advanced class to get better at cooking, students break up into teams and work on a dish. This will help with teamwork and future projects because working with people, you create friendships which helps a lot in making great food.