A Phenomenal Sahuaro Homecoming


Louraine Bouraima, Reporter

Get excited, Sahuaro Cougars! This year’s homecoming week has finally begun, and can I just congratulate the Student Council on their amazing work in making this whole thing come to life? Because that’s coming from someone who’s not totally into the whole school “spirit” side of school, but I was very eager to participate this week in all the festivities. Spirit week itself was a whole bunch of fun on its own, each day was a good time to see what everybody came dressed as.

Monday was dress as your type day which meant coming to school dressed as whoever you find attractive, and it was a blast, let’s just say some people exposed themselves. Tuesday was, of course, twin day – and can I say I looked adorable, I mean everyone looked stunning in their cute twin outfits, of course. Wednesday was barbecue dad vs soccer mom and as a girl, I, of course, was a … barbecue dad even though the majority were soccer moms – but, hey, mama always said I had to stand out and I did. Thursday equals Adam Sandler day, which was the best day, coming to school for me as Adam Sandler is like coming to school in your pajamas. BEST. DAY. EVER!

Last but not least we have Friday which, can I just say – the Student Council has exceeded itself. This year’s theme was neon out – the freshmen were orange, sophomores were yellow, juniors green, and seniors pink. The day started with a hallway march from both the Sahuaro band and the cheerleaders, who could be heard in every classroom throughout every hallway, putting all the students in the spirit of the pep rally.

The pep rally itself was really, how do you say… peppy. So much school spirit was around the gym, I was taking pictures left and right. Events during the pep rally included a teacher pie eating contest- let’s just say things got messy-musical chairs with the football team, and things got violent – but it was violence in the school spirit which is the best kind, in my opinion, many other games followed the rally. It was a fun day and the perfect start to homecoming.

Speaking of homecoming, right after school I was welcomed with the fantastic tailgate, and it was really great – truly something. Many clubs came out with their booth,  it was

honestly a fun outing before the game. Now get ready for the main attraction, the Big Kahuna, the homecoming football game which in my personal opinion was wayyy too long. But before anyone attacks me, I only say that because we were clearly already gonna win, The Sahuaro Cougars are no joke we DOMINATED, TERMINATED, and SCORCHED ANY COMPETITION… Okay, maybe I became too much of a football fanatic but I think it’s allowed.

Ending the night we have the homecoming dance, which is famous for being bad, but of course, Student Council wowed us all, and this year’s homecoming was the best Sahuaro has ever had, a safe but very fun night everyone could enjoy fully- this is one homecoming Sahuaro will never forget.