Rory Asbury’s Phenomenal Photography


Natalya Larez, Cougar Tales Editor

Ashley “Rory” Asbury is a senior here at Sahuaro. In her free time, she enjoys photography, art, and designing clothes. After she graduates, she hopes to travel for a while, and then go to college to be an auto mechanic. Although she plans to be a mechanic, she is very passionate about photography.

Rory began to practice photography in May of 2022, and since has made an Instagram page to show off her new talent.

She loves the beauty of photography. The different angles of people and things, looking back on events, and even the different moods and facial expressions people make. “You just get to see the beauty in every little aspect.” Although she loves doing this, she does not plan on making it a career. She wants to keep photography fun, and still lively and worries that pursuing a career in it will take out the joy. All the pictures she takes have been when she sees something she really likes, something beautiful, something with life, or even something with potential.  As Lil Peep said, “Life is Beautiful”, and when I hear that, I think of photography, because it’s life captured in a picture, pure, beautiful, and forever there.”

“I feel like I’m creative, and I want to take advantage of that. In Photography, you can be creative with it as well. When you’re editing the photo, you can add different aspects, or little trademarks to make it your own, and really ensure your pictures come alive and display the correct message.” Every picture Rory takes is carefully angled and edited to truly bring the moment to life, regardless of anything else. She takes pride in her work and finds this to be an amazing outlet.

You can find her Instagram page at rory_cant_photography.