Sahuaro High School Maintains “B” Rating


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Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Since 1968, Sahuaro High School works to prepare every student to be responsible global leaders and lifelong learners. Sahuaro is an above-average school in Tucson, Arizona. This school has a total of 1,558 students, with an abundance of diversity. The minority enrollment is 66%, with a student:teacher ratio of 23:1.  While Sahuaro’s graduation rate is 91%, according to the state test scores, only 37% of students are at least proficient in math and 42% in reading. Sahuaro High School is ranked 182nd within Arizona, which gives us the “B” rated title for our school. Our school is also mostly ranked on its performance on state-required tests, graduation, and how well they prepare students for college or the future.

Participation in Advanced Placement courses is typically high at Sahuaro, and the school has a strong career and technical education program, offering classes like culinary arts, hospitality, automotive, digital photography, and other fields. Every factor is weighed for getting a B-rated title for our high school. The biggest factors are, of course, the overall grades with test scores in the school and a great college program to help for the future. Sahuaro Cougars have a strong sense of pride that is seen in the hallways, in classrooms, on stage, and in sports.

Social skills at Sahuaro are very important, especially when dealing with your schoolwork. Working together as a community can help bring up our average scores at our high school. Personal skills are developed through the numerous extracurricular opportunities in sports, clubs, and visual and performing arts. Throughout my year and a half at Sahuaro, my parents would always tell me, “You’ll forever remember your years in high school.” Having a great experience in school while trying to make our school better can be very beneficial for our rating. Go Cougars!