Sahuaro Is Jazzing It Up: Our New Jazz Band


Marisa Linke, Reporter

With so many classes being offered each year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of Sahuaro’s choices. The Jazz Band class was once offered as an official elective, but it closed due to lack of interest. Felicity Way, a senior here at Sahuaro, saw this injustice and took action immediately.

This year a group of students led by Felicity Way decided to start their very own jazz band. It takes place during zero period in Mr. Schmidgall’s room in the fine arts building, and anyone is welcome to check the band out.

These first few months have been a time to experiment for the ever-growing band, who are directing themselves almost entirely. It’s truly inspiring to see a group of students so adamant about spending their free time dedicated to their instruments and the jazz band, despite it not being a “real” class for credit. While getting the word out there about the band is not their number one priority at the moment, the band members are just as willing to string things together themselves for the time being.

“Don’t be afraid to try different types of music,” Felicity says, “it’s a lot of fun.” This group of kids is really giving it their all this year, and they are hoping by the end of the year to have a concert displaying their efforts.

For those interested, you are welcome to come to the band room (Schmidgall’s) to learn more and speak to this amazing group of peers yourself.