Blasts Hit Russian Air Bases as Moscow Launches Missile Barrage at Ukraine


Tayton Schwartz Jr, Reporter

Explosions hit two Russian air bases on Monday while Ukraine was trying to strike deeper into Russian territory, though Moscow would retaliate by launching a barrage of missiles at Ukrainian cities. The defense ministry said three Russian servicemen were killed and four were wounded in attacks by Soviet-era drones on the two bases, one in Ryazan, southeast of Moscow, and one in Russia’s Saratov region.

The Engels base is a spot for Russia’s large fleet of bombers which is used to raid and launch missile strikes at Ukraine. The bombers are capable of holding nuclear weapons as well as even having submarines carrying nuclear missiles.  Whether or not Ukraine is to take the blame for the explosions, Russia still launched missiles at Ukrainian cities on Monday, sounding air-raid sirens wailing through Ukraine, sending people to find safety in shelters, even hiding in the tunnels of Kyiv’s metro system. Russian missiles have killed 2 civilians, injuring at least 2 more civilians. The missiles have also caused tons of damage around the civilian homes in the Zaporizhzhia region in Southwestern Ukraine. Since October according to Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Long range missiles and drone attacks have been aimed at Ukraine’s energy infrastructure which Ukraine officials responded to a deliberate effort to cut the heat, electricity, and even water during winter.

“Do not ignore the alarm, we will fight back” said Andriy Yermak Ukraine’s chief of the presidential staff, in a post on Telegram. Ukraine is doing its best to fight back in response to Russia’s Missile strike and properly defend itself from any future attack. Russia’s defense accused Ukraine of attacking the bases with Soviet-designed jet drones that flew at low altitudes. Sadly though, the drone was intercepted by Russian air defense, and damage on the air bases was caused by drone debris although this was not completely independently confirmed. Russia has blamed Ukraine for many attacks inside Russian territory. If Ukraine was truly behind Monday’s explosions it would suggest that Ukraine would hit military targets deep inside Russia.

In November, two people were killed in Poland by a rocket during a Russian missile barrage against Ukraine. Western governments said the rocket mostly was fired by Ukrainian antimissile defenses and landed in Poland by accident.  Russia has lost more than 60 fixed-wing aircraft since it invaded Ukraine in February. The decrease is likely a result of a continued high threat from Ukrainian air defenses, which would limit the flying hours for Russian aircraft and even the worsening weather said the ministry.