10 Things I’ve Learned from the Walking Dead 


Karyck Donnelly, Contributor

  1. Mercy Should Prevail Over Wrath-

The main character, Rick, mutters, “My mercy prevails over my wrath” after he decides to not kill the main antagonist, Negan. He decides to put Negan in jail while they rebuild their lives. Rick does this because his son, Carl, writes a note to him before he dies of a zombie bite. In this note, he says that there are other ways to solve the war and no one else needs to die. It is important to do the right thing rather than acting out of anger. 

  1. There are always two sides to a story-

Rick Grimes and his group are the protagonists of the show/comic. As an audience, we root for him even though he may not be doing the right thing morally. He is the villain through the eyes of the “antagonists.” For example, the saviors (Negan is their leader) are the show’s main antagonists for almost 3 seasons. The only reason they become villains is Rick and his group completely slaughtered everyone at one of their outposts. They decide to punish him and his group by killing a few main characters and taking control of their settlement.  

  1. Anyone Can Change – 

This show has taught me that anyone can change, good or bad. For example, Rick changes completely. He starts as a morally just Sheriff, and he ends up becoming a battle-hardened man who kills with no remorse. However, by the end, he becomes a good man who saves his greatest enemy’s life. Another example is Negan starts as a terrifying villain who takes control of settlements and kills multiple main characters. He becomes a man who regrets his past, and he helps as well as saves many characters. 

  1. The Death of Loved Ones Are not the End – 

Personally, death is my greatest fear. However, this show has made me realize that you can go on with your life after a death occurs. For example, Maggie’s husband, Glenn, gets brutally murdered by Negan in front of her while she is pregnant. She continues to mourn, but she also continues to live her life. She has a child, and she remains strong. Another example is how Rick has lost his wife, son, and many of his friends. He continues to live and even falls in love again. All the characters have lost people, but they continue to survive.  

  1. You Do Not Have to Forgive – 

As Negan becomes more of a protagonist, Maggie must come to terms with the fact he has changed and is roaming free. On the last episode of the show, they sit down and talk. Maggie tells him that she knows he is trying and that she is grateful that he saved her son, but she does not forgive him. She mentions that he has earned his place but some days she cannot look at him because she is reminded of Glenn’s gruesome death. She also loves Rick like family, but she does not forgive him for allowing Negan to live.  

  1. Anyone Can Become Family –

Rick meets many others on his journey throughout the show. A lot of them become family to him, even though they would not have interacted before the apocalypse. These people become the main characters, and they all think of each other as family. Found family is a large theme in this show, and the characters would do anything for each other.  

  1. People Are Important – 

As humans, we need people, and we should not do everything alone. For example, one of the main characters, Daryl, starts out as a lone wolf. He did not care for anyone in the group besides his brother. His brother dies, and his view begins to change. He realizes that he needs people, and people need him. Now, he would do anything to protect his found family. He even becomes the main character! A lot of the characters would be dead if they did not have each other. 

  1. 8. Humanity Can Be Horrid –

Part of the theme of the show is that humans are worse than zombies. The characters need to watch who they surround themselves with and how they react to others. Since humanity is not governed by laws, many people resorted to killing, raping, pillaging, and slavery. However, some people remained civil. They usually do not last long.  

  1. Be Grateful –

In The Walking Dead, things can change extremely quickly. One moment, they are enjoying each other’s company and they are thriving. The next their home could be destroyed, and they are fighting to survive. Many characters lose their loved ones in a flash. This has made me realize that I should be grateful for what I have because it could change in a second. 

  1. Always Do What Is Necessary –

One of the main characters, Carol, is willing to do what it takes to protect her family. After the group gets captured by cannibals, she saves them by blowing up their settlement using a gun and a gas tank. Prior to this, she was exiled from the group for killing a woman who had an illness that could have hurt her family. She taught me that you should do what is necessary to help others and keep them safe, even if it means risking your life or doing something that you do not want to do.