My Ghostbusters Proton Pack


Tayton Schwartz Jr, Reporter

As you know, I am a huge Ghostbusters fan. It’s been my favorite childhood movie since I was a little one. Over the years I would still be very interested in the many films and videogames that would be released over time and even collect props, such as shoes, lanyards, jumpsuits, posters, and even gadgets featured in the film. Finally, after such a long time, I have gotten my hands on one of the Proton packs from their recent film Ghostbusters Afterlife. I am very excited to showcase how it works and what it does.


The Proton pack is made of metal and plastic and has a worn-out look just look like in the film. It has lights on the back and the side. It has a speaker inside the prop that will make noise when you turn it on. The Pack also features two modes: you can switch it on the afterlife or 84 mode. The afterlife mode will have sounds and effects from Ghostbusters’ Afterlife.  If you are a fan of the classics you can switch it to the 84 mode, which will have the sounds and effects from the first Ghostbusters movie that was released in 1984.





The pack also comes with a neutrona wand, which can be connected to the pack and work together. The neutrona wand was used to shoot out the proton stream to wrap, wrangle, and capture ghosts, which sadly this prop can’t do. The wand comes with four different modes which is a nod from GhostBusters the videogame such as the proton stream as previously mentioned, the stasis stream, the slime blower, and the Meson collider. Each mode will change the color of the wand and make different sound effects. Using the wand and the Proton pack for too long will cause the pack to overheat and completely shut down to avoid a nuclear meltdown which again is just a prop, not the real thing sadly. “Don’t cross. The streams. It would be bad.” – Egon Spengler

In conclusion, this prop is probably the best thing ever. Hasbro and the many people who funded this project have put a lot of detail and work into this thing. Best toy/nuclear accelerator to be on your back and to bust some ghosts and ghouls. “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.”