Book Club: Walk and Drive


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Amongst the various clubs and extracurricular activities, Book Club is making itself known with its first-ever book drive.   A book drive is a big event hoping to generate interest in reading for students. The main hope is to have gently used books that are high school appropriate donated by staff and students at Sahuaro High School. The book club decorated boxes and left them in every English class on the campus so the donations could start. The book will go from Monday, February 20  – March 30.

The other big event that is happening is the book walk. Jazzleen Gomez, the president of the club, came up with the idea of a book walk. The book walk’s main objective is to gather materials and to help students and teachers who want to donate what they can to the book club. The book walk is also to gain interest from other schools as well – not just from high school, but middle schools also can join in if there is enough support from interested readers. Parents who want their kids to excel can also donate books to support our school.

Mason King, a sophomore, is part of the book club because he loves to read and he likes to encourage other people to read. He says, “I like book club because, well I like to read and it’s fun being able to discuss the things I read with a group of people and to see other perspectives.” He had a lot to say about the events happening such as, “The book drive is important because we’re trying to create more readers and also doing a book walk, which is similar to a cake walk.”  The book drive and book walk will surely bring lots of opportunities to read more books.