Sahuaro Debuts The Paper Cut


The 1st Paper Cut Staff

Carla Hernandez and Jasmyn Countee, Writers

Sahuaro has not had a school newspaper in many years. However, thanks to Ms. Lange’s hard work and dedication, Sahuaro finally has one – The Paper Cut! The Paper Cut will be exclusively online at and will help keep students, faculty, and families up to date with Sahuaro news.

Ms. Lange has been working for months to bring The Paper Cut to Sahuaro. “I just really pushed for us to have a school newspaper because I think it’s something Sahuaro lacked. We really needed to represent the student body, and it’s just a great way to get out information. Sahuaro has gotten a bad rap in the news lately and that’s not what we’re about. This school is filled with truly talented and adorable kids. I want Sahuaro to have an opportunity to showcase their kindness and talents.”

The Paper Cut staff is very excited to start bringing news and photos to Sahuaro.

Samantha Crowson says, “I hope the newspaper is successful and continues on for generations. Hopefully my kids will be a part of it someday.”

Abigail Latini says, “I’m excited about the newspaper because I think it’s important to have a place where students can share their talents and opinions.”

The Paper Cut will have everything there is to know about Sahuaro. Our newspaper will have updates on all current sports, including: scores, upcoming games, and athlete high lights.

We will also feature student work under the “Cougart” tab. Students will have a place to share their art, poems, music and more.

Many people will be interviewed to be featured in the newspaper. Students, faculty, and guest speakers will all get the chance to share their story with Sahuaro.

In our school’s newspaper we will also feature upcoming events, in and out of school. Any activities or places the staff thinks students will enjoy will be on our website.

In addition, we have a section that includes opinions and reviews. Under the “Entertainment” tab, there will be book reviews (under “Page Turners”), music reviews, and movie reviews (under “The Reel Deal”).

And of course, news will be included on the website. We hope to inform you on everything that’s worth hearing: current events, clubs, classroom happenings, guests speakers, Site Council minutes, Cougar Foundation updates (from our alumni), News You Can Use (like scholarship updates and college planning), you name it! Our biggest priority is to keep Sahuaro’s students and their families up to date on the things they deserve to know.