John Wick 4 Review


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Canadian-born actor Keanu Reeves (in costume as ‘John Wick’) in a scene from the film ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ (directed by Chad Stahelski), Berlin, Germany, July 2021. The scene, with Berlin standing in for Osaka, Japan, is from the fourth film in the series, set for release in 2023. (Photo by Murray Close/Moviepix/Getty Images)

Killian Wilkowski, Reporter

John Wick 4 is an Action/Neo-noir movie. The rated-R film is two hours and 49 minutes long and is a sequel to John Wick 3. John Wick 4 was filmed in France, Germany, New York City, and Japan. The movie was released on March 24th so you can currently watch it at theaters. The cast of the movie is Keanu Reeves, returning his role as the main protagonist legendary hit John Wick, Scott Adkins as Killa, Lance Reddick as Charon, Bill Skarsgard as the antagonist Marchese de Gramont, and other actors. The producers of this movie are Chad Stahelski, Erica Li, and Basil Iwanyk.

The storyline of this movie is that John Wick sets out to get revenge on the High Table and the people that left him to die. If you like watching action movies, then this movie is for you. There is a lot of blood, shooting, and fighting. As a huge fan of action movies and the John Wick franchise, I thought it was pretty good. It had extreme action scenes, good acting, and a decent plot. There were some scenes in the movie that I thought it was unrealistic and sort of lame, but overall, I thought it was a good film. If I were to rate this movie, I would give this movie an 8.6 out of 10.