Will The New MLB Rules Help The Game?

Will The New MLB Rules Help The Game?

James Force, Sports Editor

The MLB has set some new rules that impact all four phases of the game; hitting, pitching, base running, and fielding. 56% of fans like the new rules and it seems that with this amount of support, the rules will most likely be here to stay.

One of the first rules they implemented was banning the shift. Shifting is when there are more than two infielders on one side of second base. When a left-handed batter would come up, teams shifted 55% of the time resulting in a lot of ground outs. Overall, teams would shift 33.6 on all plate appearances. The new rule states teams must have two infielders on each side of second base and they must be on the infield dirt at the time of the pitch.

The MLB also changed the size of the bases. With home runs being the goal of an at-bat, stolen bases have declined exponentially. The new rule has increased the base’s size by three inches, (15-18). This decreases the distance between first, second, and third base by 4.5 inches. Home plate has stayed the same size but, the distance from home to first is three inches shorter.

The biggest and most game-changing new rule is the pitch clock and the decrease in time for batters to exchange. There is now a 30-second timer for batters to change and they must be in the batter’s box and ready for the pitch by the time the clock reaches 8 seconds. If not, they’re charged with an automatic strike. A batter can call time out only once per plate appearance. There is also a pitch clock; pitchers are required to begin their motion within 15 seconds with the bases empty or within 20 seconds with runners on base. If they don’t, they’re charged with an automatic ball. The reason they implemented these rules is because the average game took 3 hours and 6 minutes. The league wanted to save time and implementing these new rules definitely accomplished that.

Viewers seem to love these new rules and the games are now shorter. The league wants to increase viewership and increase safety of the players, which these rules accomplish. Before reading up and fully understanding these rules, I personally did not like them; after reading up on them, I think they are good for the league and that, as long as the league doesn’t take them overboard, they should be here to stay. These new rules have made the game more intense and helps the game tremendously!